Monday, March 30, 2009

Train Tracks

We always want this to be the one. ' This is it. This is what we have all been waiting for. Here is the love that I've known was there, made for me and this person is it. This is the piece that connects my present life, career, with the future.' So how do we know when it ACTUALLY is 'the one'? When we feel it, don't we know it?

Are we kidding ourselves? No. We've thought it over, weighed each side and yes, this is it. I've thought this is the one who will help me teach my kids how to read or become best friends with my siblings as I am. Or this is the one, unlandscaped hacienda by the train tracks on the border that will be the place where I paint my masterpiece. So how, then, do we really know? I guess we cease from planning. The plan is there. The action, there for us to take is the listening, the being there- where the knowledge is. In that moment, the place where decisions are made, not by you but by the path of the right idea that is constructed by the truth of life, the situation, our existence.

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