Friday, August 12, 2011

Never too late to quit

On the eve of the first week of my public service masters program, I can’t help but be near the point of nausea as I listen to the never-ending drone of bought-and-paid-for political candidates and their asinine supporters as they fill the sound waves of my beloved country with self-centered, money-mongering decrees insisting that the way to bring our country out of our dysfunction is by continuing to ease taxes and fill the coffers of big money corporations and various government agencies that are controlled and manipulated by these corrupt firms thereby bringing “the power back to the people”. I know that to be an informed citizen, I should listen to and thereby respect this entitled, ignorant and greed- filled perspective of many of my country(wo)men. Yet, it is my patriotism and sense of opportunity which I have come to know well as a privileged American citizen that deeply regrets and repudiates such short-sighted, entitled and disgusting attempts at preserving the spoiled standard of living that is unfathomable by the majority of our fellow human beings worldwide with whom we are obligated to share resources and virtue. One day the lights of our materiality may be shut off and our credit cards no longer functional. Will this be what forces those of us who are unwilling to look around and inward to quit sucking our selfish thumbs?