Thursday, April 29, 2010

La Multa

Yesterday a friend and I were in the "City Center" in Coxen Hole. This is where there are all of the goverment offices and many banks, etc. We were at the bank for 15 minutes. We came back to the car we had left parked, like many other cars on the street, on an unpainted curb ( indicating there are no parking restrictions). The parking attendant was in the middle of writing up our ticket with a fine ( la multa) of 500 lempiras or $25. We were frustrated especially because he had no response to our inquiry as to where the no parking information is to be found on the street.

When we looked closer at the ticket and to our contentment, we realized that there were absolutely no numbers or information that could trace the car back to this ticket. The ticket simply describes the car as a "Kia with 4 doors and no license plate". Knowing that this was enough to make us laugh it off and certainly not enough to find us and throw us in jail, I put good use to the ticket and immediately scanned it to share here, on my blog! Enjoy! I call this one, "La Multa".

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