Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God Bless the American Halloween

That night we had fun. This past weekend, myself along with the SBAS students and teachers, other Americans and Islanders living on the island celebrated Halloween. This holiday and the customs of dressing up and eating gobs of candy, I have learned, is very unique to the United States. And I can say that I was proud to be an American. It seems that most Americans will dress up, extroverted, introverted, whatever. The most unsuspecting people become wild, sexy, scary or funny characters for that day. This is not a tradition shared by most of the rest of the world. My friends here from the UK, Canada, Honduras, Australia and most everywhere else, haven't the interest or the GUTS to wrap their mid-drifts in spandex and cut up an old pair of boxers to make a mean batman mask.

I mean it, we Americans really take pride in our mystery, our tom-foolery, our fake boobs and false teeth. It makes me proud, because we only do it for one reason, to have fun.

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