Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memories and Thanks

Thome: I don't have pics of our CA trip on my computer, they will come soon!

This one is for the ladies. I recently found my stationery that I carted down here from Brownsville, Texas. I thought I would write few thank you notes, but then the idea came to post my sentiments in virtual space, complete with pictures.

Bernadette: Thank you for always being willing to listen to my rants or smart alec-y interpretations of life. I feel like I am growing up with my siblings again as I relax in my dungeon and listen to Jaden play the drums or Zora feed Susan the Cat, upstairs. Thank you for sending down dinner after a champions day at work!

Bear: One memory that sums up my love for you- You jumping on stage to sing “Bobby McGee” at the Pink Seahorse on your visit to the island. Life’s always more fun when you are around!

Miriam: Thank you for being forever patient with me as I dive into my role at school. Listening to my zealotry with nods of understanding and empathy. Allowing me to make my own mistakes, even if it means more work for you. Welcoming me into your house, with my bottle of Giffiti in one hand and Billy Blanks’ Taebo Boot Camp DVD in the other! What a commitment on your part!

Thome: Looking forward to a lifetime of free legal advice, not why you are included!!! Thanks for keeping a wise-ass, yet sage-like perspective on the happenings in our lives.

Erin: Missing our hours long trips to the Flagstaff gym. With your growing clan, you amaze me as you are a constant source of compassionate patience. Our life paths create space between us, but the ties our family has created still are an irreplaceable support in my life.

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