Monday, September 14, 2009

Livin' the Dream in Southern Guatemala & Northern Honduras

Bobby and I at our friend's bird park near the Mayan Ruins in Western Honduras.
Getting religiousousousousous with the 'Virgens' and St. Francis in Esquipulas in Southern Guatemala.
Keeping afloat in the dugout canoe on the Rio Dulce river that feeds into the Caribbean from Guatemala.

' Uh, can someone stop this jewelry buying madness'- Me at a sidewalk cafe after purchasing one of many jewelry sets from the guy on the street next to me. This was in a cool colonial town of Copan, just outside of the Mayan ruins there.
Hiking back from the zoo in Southern Guatemala. The Basilica towers in the background. At this zoo, there lived 3 lions and one huge alligator- yikes!!!!
These guys live forever and they make a lot of noise while they are at it.

Bobby and I hovering at the entrance to a cave near the zoo I told you about already. It was the first cave I couldn't go into, there were candles lit in the first room of the cave and so breathing was chancey!!!!

Ah, and finally, we arrive at the Honduran coastal town of Omoa. I hung out here with my borrowed bike at a $7 garden-hostel, as the only guest. It seems that business is slow immediately after a coup d'tat!!!

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