Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Boat Ride

My life, yesterday, started by jumping in a friend's fishing boat from the dock in front of my house. I can never pass up a boat ride through turquoise water as the sun calls to life all on the island. We cruised around the ocean in "my neighborhood" and I arrived home in time to get to school for a meeting with a teacher. I became cognizant on the boat of the true awe I am in of my life right now. How many people do I know that jump on a boat from their dock and cruise around watching flying fish soar as the sun rises, just before getting to their job? There is so much to say and write about life right now. It is truly incredible. Paulo Cuehlo, a great Brazilian writer, talks about finding our sword, our way. I used to think it would happen in the way that old cartoons show a person coming to a realization with a light bulb illumined over their head, distinctively clear and permanent. With the unfolding of each day, I am learning that it is a constant path, each day, constantly unpredictable in the way of where exactly it will lead to next, but altogether beautiful. It is overwhelming at times. Watching the actions we take deliver immediate consequences and if our actions are intentional and kind, what an incredible outcome.

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